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Ok my lovelies, I appoligize for my absence this past week, and thought I'd best pop on.
But I'm whicked sick, yeah yeah I know I know...OMG again!? YEP, again... *sigh*
Strep throat, ear infection, chest cold, I feel horrible and look even worse lol.
I spend most of my time in bed, I have a fever, and am waiting on the dumb people here in town that call themselves doctors. And infact thats not even fair of me to say, the doctors themselves actualy arent around unless of extreme emergencies so in thier places they have nurse practitioners....those air heads dont even have authority to write out perscriptions....why have em exactly? So they can tell me what I already knew? Ive had strep and ear infections enough in my life to recognize it, so sure enough I have what I knew I had, and still I wait for antibiotics....
So Im sore, irritable..ok down right bitchy at this point, I want to feel good again Im tired of being so sore.
And soon as I'm all healthy again I'll be back with a new freebie for ya'all! Take care out there everyone!

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