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I am back!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a safe weekend. We got back safely from our little trip, one of the stops we made was to check out the site where the hit TV show "CORNER GAS" was filmed.
My husband and I are both fans of the show and really wish that they were still filiming.
Anyway, I thought that maybe I would share a few pictures.
(you can click on the picture to check out the official website)

This first picture is the entire scene lol, the grain elevater to the right still says DOG RIVER and to the left is Corner Gas and The Ruby.
The show was filimed in a little prairie town called Rouleau Saskatchewan
Click on the picture to visit Rouleau's official town website-

As you can see by this sign, the site is being preserved for potential production and I must say I most certainly hope they do start filming again!
Click on this picture to visit the official Corner Gas website-

Ok now, for anyone who is a fan of the show, will recognize this house!!!
If not I'll give you bunch a Jackass's a hint....
Thats right, it's Oscar and Emma LeRoy's house!!!!
For those who have never seen the show before and are thinking.....why did she just call me a Jackass? And WHO in hell are Oscar and Emma? Well, click on this picture to find out the answers to those questions!
We also snapped some pix of the Dog River Howler and the Dog River Hotel
(as featured in the video)

Here is a picture I took "a little bit south of Saskatoon" LOL I know I am a total dork!
But I thought it was funny and if you dont know what in heck I am talking about or why I even would have bothered to take a picture simply because we were a little bit South of Saskatoon....
well its because of an old country song my folks used to listen to all the time lol.
Told ya I was a dork....
Click on the pic to hear the song that inspired this boring pic lol-

Ok now onto business, check this out!
I am taking part in this sale, so be sure to visit on sale day!!
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Have a wonderful day my friends!

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