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Ok this kit, is actualy one of my old tagger kits, its been totaly re vamped, and is now full size! I have added some new elements, all the papers are new, and have removed some of the old elements completely.
The old kit has been retired.
Its an entirely fresh new look!
This one is CU4CU and is in PNG format!
And is also available in all 3 stores!!! Simply click the links below :)

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well this fine day :) We have some nice warm weather again, for awhile there it seemed that winter was to close *shudder* and I know that winter isnt too far off but dont really need to be reminded on just how close it truely is lol

So since I had nothing much to do yesterday I managed to make a new halloween kit! Exciting eh? :p I is available in all 3 stores this morning, if you like to check it out or any of my other products please click any of these following links-

The Creativity Box
Butterfly Blush Designs
Scraps with Attitude!

And if you have a chance please feel free to vote for me, Id truely appericiate it my friends! Links are to the right :)
I am also trying to get some of my old tagger size kits re vamped and made into full size! Watch for them ;)
Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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