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Hello everyone!!!! Im glad to be back on the PC lol, I have had a whicked busy weekend with work, nothing has gone right since Friday lol but hey the good news it...its tonight this weekend will be over thank goodness for that!!!!!!!
And so I am looking forward to sitting my bum down here on Monday to play catch up, and get some nice Winter/Christmas themed scrap kits made for you all and I am even gonig to be tossing in a freebie! =P
I also have 2 new stores that I am now in but have not had time to even add product too, so I will also be getting some of that caught up as well tomorrow!

I hope you are all driving safely out there, and remember that just because the roads may seem clear and dry....they may not always be as black ice cant always be seen!

My brother was on his way into Leth with 3 other friends when they hit black ice on a seemly dry highway, lost control, shot out across 3 lanes into on coming traffic and broadsided another vehicle, speed limits here are 110kms and they say a vehicle can actualy gain speed when out of control on ice.
Sadly enough the man in the other vehicle died instantly, my brother was not driving but was the only one to come out with no injuries, the other 3 in the vehicle with him are still in hospital with broken legs, wrists, arm ect.
So please please be careful out there!!! My family was lucky but the family who lost thier loved one in the crash was not so lucky, such a terribly sad thing, my prayers go out to that family.

And I woke this morning for work, to find that it is snowing again! We have definitely recieved more then our share of it this winter, so bundle up!

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