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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good start to your day!
We had a Chinook blow in through the night and so although it is a tad chilly we all woke to alot of our snow melted!!!!
Everything is pretty wet out there now though lol, as long as it does not get to cold tonight, I would hate to see it all freeze!!

So Ive been sitting here finishing up on a new Stamp/Paper pk for you all!
Its a tad sinister, but lets face it, not everyone likes Valentines day!!
There are so many digital lovey dovey Valentines day items available, that I thought well...perhaps I would make something for those who have had their hearts broken far to many times to even consider liking Valentines day much less want some lovey dovey digital scrap items! And lovey dovey digital items is what I normally make lol.
So here it is.....
And it is available at
Stitchy Bear Stamps

Have yourself a beautiful day my friends!

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